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Frequently Asked Questions About Deer Hunting in Pennsylvania

Is this a high-fence property?

Yes, we manage nearly 600 continuous high-fenced acres on our private whitetail preserve. 

Is this a guaranteed kill type hunt?

No, we believe in high quality management of our land and whitetail herd. Although we do manage for high success by limiting hunting pressure and always booking less clients then total deer available for harvest, we cannot, and will not offer a “guaranteed kill” or “no kill, no pay” hunts. If that is the type of experience you are looking for please look elsewhere.

What if a hunter is unsuccessful in their hunt?

If a hunter does not harvest, or wound a desired animal on their hunt, we will only keep the initial deposit for the hunt.

When can you hunt whitetails on the preserve?

Being that we manage a private deer herd in our high-fenced preserve, we have the ability to hunt whitetails from September  through mid-January. This allows us to space out our hunters and limit the pressure put on the deer herd each year.

How long are whitetail hunts?

Our Guided whitetail hunts are generally 3 days of hunting. An example of a typical hunt schedule would arrive Wednesday night , hunt Thursday morning through Saturday evening and depart Sunday before noon.

Are there any discounts available?

We do offer a few discounts for our hunts. These discounts only apply to repeat clients, groups of 3+ hunters, late season hunts, and multiple deer discounts available at our discretion.

Is gratuity included in price?

No, our guides work for tips, generally 10-15% of the total hunt price is normal. In addition our kitchen staff appreciates tips, generally $100-$150 total for the hunt.

How many hunters are in camp each hunt?

We generally do not hunt more than four hunters in any one week. Groups of three and four are guaranteed sole access to the lodge and property during their hunt.

Are these hunts guided?

Yes, all of our hunts are fully guided. Each hunter will have a guide with them at all times while hunting. We also have the option of 2x1 guiding, meaning two hunters per one guide.

Are there restrictions to what deer can be harvested?

Yes, this is a managed whitetail property, not a put and take “shooting preserve”.. A buck must be at least 3.5 yrs old and meet the size specifications of the hunt class the hunter is pursuing. We will have young deer that meet the size requirement but not the age requirement, therefore are not eligible for harvest. We do periodically introduce young females and males into the herd for the purpose of increasing our genetic diversity and quality in the whitetail herd, because of this we may have additional restrictions on what females can be harvested (if a hunter chooses), and on rare occasions some adult males will be restricted from harvest for genetic management purposes. Can a hunter upgrade to a larger (or smaller) buck during the hunt? We cannot guarantee that we will have enough bucks on the property to allow for upgrades for every hunter. We do allow for upgrades, but only based on availability each year.

What weapon can we use?

While we encourage rifle hunting, we can absolutely accommodate archery, crossbow, and muzzleloader hunters.

Is a state hunting license required to hunt whitetails on the preserve?

No, on our private preserve there is not a state license requirement for hunting our private herd of whitetails. A state hunting  license is required to hunt turkeys, small game, or predators on the preserve? Yes.

What style of hunting is done for whitetail hunting?

Generally we will be hunting out of elevated shooting houses and occasionally 14’-16’ ladder stands. Occasionally, if the opportunity presents itself we will incorporate spot & stalk hunting and occasionally still hunting with the use of rattling antlers/calls (i.e. rut hunts).

How are hunters transported from lodge to hunting sites?

We use utv’s to take hunters from camp to their hunting sites/stands. Generally we can drop hunter directly at stand sites, or preferably, park within 100 yards and walk to stand location.

Is lodging available?

Yes, we have an on-site camp with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, full kitchen, living room, tv, heat/AC and an outside fire pit. Our whitetail hunting lodge has fully furnished bedrooms and bathrooms for our guests.

Is trophy care included at the hunting lodge?

Yes, our staff will take care of all field dressing, caping, and quartering of meat in preparation for travel, and taxidermy.

Are meals provided?

Yes, we offer three meals a day and an assortment of non-alcoholic beverages.