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Whitetail Hunting Rates

Whitetail Hunting Rates

Classic Hunt Information

The Classic Hunt

On the Classic Hunt we will be pursuing mature bucks that score less than 200" SCI. We have a 170”SCI minimum on this hunt with many impressive deer taken each year. Take a look at the classic photo gallery to see bucks that have been taken in this hunt.

Hunt Cost: $7,500

$1,500 Non-refundable deposit per hunter required to hold dates.

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Trophy Hunts

The Trophy Hunt

The Trophy Hunt is the main reason we built our private deer herd at Powder Ridge Outfitters. On this hunt you will be pursuing mature bucks that score over 200”.  The majority of the bucks taken on this hunt will score between 200-250” SCI with the occasional buck taken over 250”. The only bucks that are off limits on this hunt are the few bucks each year that we consider to be our “World Class” animals.  This is the most popular hunt at the hunting lodge each year and produces some of the most intense hunting action of the season. These hunts were fully booked by August in the 2020 season, contact us for availability. 

Hunt Cost: $10,000

$2,000 Non-refundable deposit required to hold dates.

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World Class Hunt Description

The World Class Hunt

Each year we have a handful of mature bucks on the property that we classify as our world class bucks. These are the best of the best that we have to offer each season. While antler score is relevant on this hunt (all bucks will be over 200”) , it is not the sole factor we consider when judging these deer each year. These are often the prettiest (i.e. 200”+ Typical) and biggest (i.e. 250”+ Non-typical) deer walking the property each year.  These hunts are extremely limited. The best time to hunt these bucks is in the months of September and October. Contact us for details on the limited availability for the 2021 Season. 

Hunt Cost: Starting @ $12,500

(Bucks over 300” start @ $15,000)

$2,500 Non-refundable deposit required to hold dates.

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