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Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting in Pennsylvania on Private Land

Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting in Pennsylvania on Private Land

Deer Hunt Packages

Planning Your Trophy Whitetail Hunt

On our whitetail preserve we hunt from mid-August through the month of January. This gives our guests the ability to choose to hunt any spectrum of the whitetail breeding season, Pre-rut, Peak Rut, and Post rut when planning your whitetail hunt. 

The whitetail hunts at Powder Ridge Outfitters are categorized based on three main hunt categories, classic, trophy, and world class. The hunts are generally based on the gross SCI antler score of the bucks that we will be pursuing.  We only harvest deer that are three years old or older. If a buck does not meet the age criteria of our management plan, it will not be targeted for harvest, regardless of antler size.

All hunts are one on one guided. Our guides will determine the classification of all bucks for the hunter to be sure we are targeting the correct animals.

Your hunt with us is booked for three days/four nights and will include lodging, meals, guide service, and transportation to and from the University Park Airport (SCE Airport). No license is required to with us on our private preserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Early Season Trophy Deer Hunts

Early Season Whitetail Hunts

This is the premier hunting period for taking advantage of the comfortable temperatures of late summer and early fall. Many of our bucks are still in their summer bachelor groups and consistent feeding patterns. It is not uncommon to see multiple world class deer feeding together in the well managed fields and hardwood timber hillsides that encompass the preserve. These hunts are the first opportunities of the season for hunting at Powder Ridge Outfitters. A lot of the best deer that we harvest each year are taken during this early season hunt. Generally the best time to hunt these conditions are from August through mid-October.  All classes of hunts can be booked during this time of year, Contact us for current availability.

Rut Hunts

Rut Hunts

Late October through the month of November brings on the peak of the whitetail rut and is no doubt an exciting time of year to be in the whitetail woods. These hunts give our hunters the potential to experience some very intense rutting activity that only takes place on a well-managed property. With limiting the hunters per hunt, we have the ability to use multiple techniques in pursuing your trophy buck. Whether stand hunting over known doe feeding areas, or rattling and still hunting our way through the Powder Ridge timber, this is no doubt going to be a trophy hunt experience rivaled by few. The best time to experience our rut at Powder Ridge is to book your hunt during late October through the week prior to Thanksgiving. Any Class of Hunt can be booked during the Rut.

Post Rut Hunts

Late Season Whitetail Hunts

Our Late season hunts take place during the first three weeks of December and the two weeks following the new year. As the rut winds down in November, we start to see our deer become more consistent in their late season feeding patterns. If you've ever wanted to hunt big, mature deer in the wintry woods of the northeast, this is the hunt to be on. Although late season can be cold in the north, this post rut hunt still offers our hunters some incredible late season opportunities at some exceptional deer. We are conservative in the amount of hunts we book each year to ensure we still have great late season opportunities. We generally only book classic, and the trophy hunts during the late season.

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